Cat Growth Stages

There is nothing wonderful than having a baby in the family. The step by step development and learning of the new things give the new parents immense joy. You can enjoy the same pleasure and enchantment by looking at a kitten growing up; watching it growing up from a cute and vulnerable creature to gorgeous and graceful young cat will give you the same satisfaction as you would probably get by watching your own child to grow up to become a matured human being.

The Earliest stage in the kittensí life

If you decide to adopt a new born kitten, you should be prepared to welcome at your home a creature that remotely resembles the gorgeous cats that you are familiar with. A new born kitten is pink little thing, weak and vulnerable.

Kittens are born blind and therefore they are completely dependable upon their mothers for first few days of their lives. Donít expect from them anything more than eating, sleeping and growing up at a slow pace and mewing whenever they are hungry.

Second phase

The second phase in the life of the cat begins when its eyes are opened and it gets to see the world and its habitats around it.

As it reaches the age of four weeks, it will start trying to explore what lies in his immediate surroundings. It will be great to watch how the gang of siblings moves around in your home with their feeble steps.

This time around the kittens are expected to pick up initial lessons in socializing. By this time around the kitten is also expected learn the use the litter box.

Just like the human babies are to be introduced to the animal protein at certain stage, the kittens also need to be introduced to these kinds of complex foods. Cats are essentially born with hunter instinct and this time around the wild cat mother would bring their kittens small preys. For domestic cats, this is the time for special kitten food or some dry food softened in water or milk.

The infancy

As the kitten turns six to eight weeks old, they are usually fully weaned and take a step into independent living. If it is a feral kitten it will start to accompany her mother in her strolling around in the locality. The indoor kittens become little more adventurous to make movements all over your home.

The time for fast growth

The next few months will see your kitten grow in tremendous speed. This is the time for vaccinations to prevent your cat being infected with several cat diseases.

This is the time when they learn to distinguish between desired and undesired behaviors. It is expected to respond to its name and a few simple commands. Introduce your cat to the grooming sessions from this time onward.


Just like the human children, puberty brings certain changes in your catís appearance and behavior. This is the time that calls for patient and tactful handling of your kittens. The adolescence dawns in the catís life at the age of five to six months and lasts till it reaches his first year.

During adolescence the cat sometime may display an aggressive attitude. However an early neutering will help your cat to achieve a less stressful adolescence.

By six months it attains the appearance of an adult.


The cats will display the normal growth of adult life. This is a phase normally devoid of any significant problems. This is the time when the bond between you and your pet strengthens even more.